Our latest series:

The incredible story as told in the first book of the Bible

              of how God brought his people into the promised land

                          A story full of amazing adventures and quite a few incidents

                                  that make us ask “What is God doing with these people? ” 

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Have you heard the good news?

Did you know the truth that if you are a believer in Jesus that God chose you before the creation of the world.  Sounds crazy – but have a read of Ephesians chapter one and listen to a talk on that chapter HERE

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The sermon series you missed!

The sermon series over the past year have covered:

      • The message Jesus gave to John to send on to the churches mentioned in Revelation.
        • Who the church really is and what God’s plan for the church is in the Ephesian series.
          • What Jesus’ followers really believe – see the Apostles Creed sermons.
            • How the Gospel impacts every aspect of our lives is covered in the Philippians talks.
              • Learning to pray the Jesus way – a series on the Lord’s Prayer.

Our response to some current issues:

What God has to say about COVID-19

How we manage behaviour in our church

Visit our Social Issues page.

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