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3 sermons on Psalm 104 and it’s not the longest Psalm!  This Psalm is all about praising the Lord and there is much for us to learn from it.

Our last series:

In the shortest book about the life of Jesus we are challenged by Mark to consider if Jesus was a liar out to  big note himself, or was he deluded, or was he in fact what he claimed to be – the son of God.  Be prepared to be challenged by these talks.

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Have you heard the good news?

Did you know the truth that if you are a believer in Jesus that God chose you before the creation of the world.  Sounds crazy – but have a read of Ephesians chapter one and listen to a talk on that chapter HERE

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The sermon series you missed!

      • The message Jesus gave to John to send on to the churches mentioned in Revelation.
        • Who the church really is and what God’s plan for the church is in the Ephesian series.
          • What Jesus’ followers really believe – see the Apostles Creed sermons.
            • How the Gospel impacts every aspect of our lives is covered in the Philippians talks.
              • Learning to pray the Jesus way – a series on the Lord’s Prayer.
                • Genesis -the  amazing story of God creating a people for himself.

Our response to some current issues:

What God has to say about COVID-19

How we manage behaviour in our church

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